"Covanta expects to make $3.2MM in savings"

4,000 employees


Covanta is one of the world’s leading Waste to Energy and Environmental Services companies. We divert 22+ million tons of waste from landfills every year which dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In doing so, Covanta sustainably and cleanly generates over 10MM Megawatts of electricity every year while recovering metals and other materials used in construction.

At Covanta, we are focused on supporting a circular economy. Like many companies, too many of our workers are saddled with redundant data entry to provide the insights needed to run our business well. We were drowning in spreadsheets and Covanta was seeking a sustainable way to effectively streamline all of our data entry and allow it to coexist with other data sources. We searched high and low for something providing:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Easy to modify and extensible
  • Cloud native
  • Cloud Agnostic

Budibase was the only solution that checked all the boxes for Covanta. Covanta expects to realize $3.2MM in savings due to the elimination of redundant data entry. This is critical in times like these when there are more jobs than people. We simply must reduce the amount of redundant low value activities burdening our workforce. On top of that we expect our data quality to improve significantly and bring more credibility to the metrics and KPI’s we use to manage our business.

Charles Link
Senior Director, Data and Analytics

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