Build advanced forms, securely

The fastest way to build advanced forms, collect data, and automate manual processes within the security of your own infrastructure.

  • Build forms on top of SQL and APIs

  • Self-host on premise

  • Trusted by over 100,000 teams

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    Build forms people enjoy using

    Everything you need to build secure forms.

    Drag-and-drop GUI

    Build flexible forms with our drag-and-drop interface.

    40+ building blocks

    Quickly build forms with over 40 components and blocks.


    Build multi-step forms with specific logic.


    Add custom validation, including regex, to form inputs.


    Add logic to forms - If user answers X, skip to question 3.

    Conditional UI

    Show or hide questions depending on a user's answer.

    Responsive design

    Build forms that work on mobile, tablet and desktop.

    Flexible design

    Add images, videos, text and more to your forms.

    Form actions

    Automate actions when a user interacts with your forms.


    Model complex form workflows with Budibase Automations.

    Budibase DB

    A no-code database for building forms and collecting data.

    Build forms that integrate seamlessly.

    Build secure forms on top of trusted databases. With Budibase you control the data layer, allowing you to securely build forms and collect data using your trusted database.





    Google Sheets


    Level-up your forms with automations. Connect your beautiful, dynamic forms to your favorite apps to automate workflows and deliver a better experience.


    Send emails

    Notify users on Slack

    Send data via webhooks

    Run a script every Monday

    Connect to Zapier, Make, etc

    Self-host and deploy on your terms. Deploy Budibase within your own infrastructure via Docker or Kubernetes. Or, use Budibase Cloud and let Budibase manage everything for you.



    Azure App Service

    Google Cloud Run


    Digital Ocean


    HTTPS & Data Encryption

    ISO 27001:2022 certified

    Servers: SOC1/2 + ISO 27001

    Single sign-on (SSO)

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Data Backups & replication

    Audit Logging

    Air Gapped Deployments

    Start with a template

    Change request form

    The change request form template allows users to request changes, securely. Process owners can also review and update requests.

    Change request form

    Information request form

    The information request template provides users with a form to request information and an app to track the status of their request.

    Information request form

    Visitor check-in form

    A simple form/app that allows visitors to check-in and check-out. A great starting point for building a visitor management app.

    Visitor check-in form

    Budibase vs. the rest





    Multi-step forms
    Conditional logic
    Front-end scripting
    Custom CSS
    Internal database
    Access to data and schema
    SQL connection
    REST API connection
    Automation builder
    Free tier
    Free formsUnlimited5UnlimitedNone
    Embeddable forms
    API and Webhooks
    Requests to external APIs
    Dynamic forms

    Read the complete comparison.


    Build unlimited forms and receive unlimited submissions, securely. Start free.


    For small teams getting started.

    No CC required


    • Key features:

    • Unlimited forms

    • No submission limits

    • SSO: OIDC, Google, Microsoft

    • Embeds (Public and private)

    • Granular RBAC

    • Internal user limits

    • Community support


    For teams that need more power.

    Starts from

    $50 per month

    • Everything in Free, and:

    • No internal user limit

    • Custom branding

    • PDF generation (Beta)

    • Backups and restore

    • Synchronous automations

    • Email support


    For control, security, and support.

    Volume-based discounts

    Flexible pricing

    • Everything in Premium, and:

    • Active directory/SCIM

    • Audit logs

    • Creator access control

    • User groups

    • Environment variables

    • Enforceable SSO

    • Air-gapped deployment

    • We'll co-build your first form

    • Onboarding and training

    • Enterprise support/SLAs

    Frequently asked questions

    What are digital forms?

    Digital forms are the digital version of traditional paper forms. They are used to collect and manage data often through a website or app - like the apps you build with Budibase.

    Why should I use Budibase as my form builder?

    There primarily three reasons to choose Budibase over other form builders:

    1. Security - Unlike other platforms, Budibase priortises security. With Budibase, you can build forms on top of your favorite/trusted database and self-host your forms/data within your own infrastructure. This ensures you're always in control of the data.
    2. Flexibility - With Budibase, you have creative freedom to design forms you're proud of. Budibase's design experience is more flexible than other platforms allowing you to build complex forms with multiple columns, sections, and component types.
    3. Long-term viability - Budibase is a form builder, and more. It's a low-code platform with a focus on making work flow. With Budibase, you can build forms, approval apps, portals, and much more. So, from a long-term viability perspective, Budibase is far superior than other form builders. It's also open-source!

    Does Budibase offer non-profit discounts?

    Budibase is happy to offer eligible nonprofit organizations a 20% discount across all our paid tiers on annual plans.

    Volume based discounts are also available for Enterprise plans. Contact Sales to find out more.

    Is Budibase free to use?

    Budibase has multiple packages to help teams of all sizes orchestrate their work. Our Free plan is available to teams for no charge and provides everything you need to build forms and workflows in minutes. Budibase is also open-source, and you can run it on your own infrastructure for free.

    Can I self-host Budibase for free?

    Yes, you can self-host Budibase for free. Check out our self-host documentation for further guidance.


    How to build a Timesheet

    We need an accurate record of the hours worked by our colleagues for all kinds of billing, payroll, HR, and other processes. For instance, paying salaries or invoicing clients for project hours.

    How to build an audit form

    Audit forms are some of the most common field data collection tools around. In fact, they can be used in a diverse range of contexts - including financial, operational, HR, manufacturing, compliance, and other processes.

    Build a change request form in 5 steps

    It’s a fact of life that projects don’t always play out 100% the way we expect them to. Circumstances, budgets, priorities, and requirements can all change on a dime. Therefore, it’s vital to have an effective way to gather and manage information when this happens.

    How to collect employee info securely

    Employee information forms are some of the most common data collection tools around. They’re a crucial part of onboarding workflows in just about every company in the world.

    Join 100,000 teams building apps and making work flow