Build custom portals in minutes

Connect to customers, employees, and suppliers with open-source portal development.

100% customizable

Fully customize your business portals to suit your brand and style.

Access portals on the go

Build portals that are fully mobile responsive.


Choose from self-hosting on your own infrastructure or Budibase Cloud.

Control access

Create public or private business portals (or a mix of both).

What is portal development?

Portal apps are flexible internal business tools, which can be developed for a number of uses. Essentially, portals are gated platforms, where users can access, manipulate or submit information. For example, client portals are used to provide exclusive product pages, deals, content, or documentation. Employee portals can be used to access and share internal documents. Portal apps are a powerful way to provide an efficient user experience for all kinds of internal and external stakeholders.

The portal development process simplified


1. Connect your data

Alongside our internal database, Budibase supports SQL, Rest API, and more as data sources for your business portal.


2. Design your portal

Budibase makes it easy to add branding and build portal apps that people enjoy using, with our simple, low-code editor.


3. Automate manual processes

Integrate your portal with your internal stack, using Zapier, Webhooks, and more. Budibase is built to automate manual processes.


4. Scale with confidence

Budibase offers free SSO, advanced RBAC, and unlimited apps. Add users or build more apps, with no extra cost.

Why do companies use portals?

There are countless reasons for businesses to use portal apps. The goal is to connect with stakeholders in the most efficient way possible. The most common types of portals are aimed at customers, clients, employees, or suppliers. Portals give users an expedient way to find and access key information. This reduces costs, improves engagement, and simplifies workflows. Portal apps are a secure way to host internal information, providing complete control over who accesses your company’s content.

Custom portal development with Budibase

With Budibase’s low-code platform you can quickly and easily develop custom portals that meet your business goals.

Multi-screen apps

Create beautiful, multi-screen portal apps.

Access control

Use permissions to control what information users have access to.


Set conditions to display different design elements.

Portal design

Choose from a number of beautiful themes that are fully customizable.


All components / building blocks are accessibly tested

Apps work on all devices

Create business applications that work on all devices

Responsive portals

Create company portals that work on all devices.

Free SSO

SSO is free and unlimited for all Budibase users.

Email integration

Add your SMTP credentials and trigger automated emails.

With Budibase, open-source portal development is a fast, convenient, and cost-effective way to deploy apps for managing stakeholder communications.

Deploy your portal

With Budibase, you’re in control of how you deploy your portals. Use Budibase Cloud, or deploy to your own infrastructure using Kubernetes, Digital Ocean, Docker, and more. Deploy your portal platform as a web application, or on local infrastructure.

Free portal templates

Explore our favourite free portal templates. With Budibase's intuitive low-code platform, you can customize your design in just a few clicks.

Browse all portal templates

Portals that perfectly integrate and improve operations

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Benefits of web portals

Deploying a custom web portal is one of the most cost-effective ways to engage with stakeholders. Portal development can streamline your business across just about any kind of interaction. Portals reduce costs through:

Instant access to information

Integration with other apps

Streamlined communications

Improved onboarding

Eliminating manual admin task


Improved security

Portals help large organizations to create effective processes for communicating with employees, customers, and vendors. Improve operations, while providing a clean and efficient user experience for stakeholders.

Open-source portal development solutions

Don’t overpay for web portal development services. Our open-source platform gives you complete control over your portal apps. Use one of our templates, or start from scratch to build your perfect portal.

Customer portals

Customer portals are one of the most common types of business apps. Provide exclusive content, deals, products, and services to existing customers.

Employee portals

Portals are the perfect way to provide employees with access to internal documents, training materials, policies, and internal tools.

Supplier portals

Give your vendors a quick and easy platform to access documentation, contracts, tenders, stakeholder tools, and more.

Recruitment portals

Provide potential candidates with a recruitment portal to search and apply for open vancancies within your organization.

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