Custom healthcare software development with low-code tools

Budibase is the smart choice for custom healthcare software development. Our open-source, low-code platform offers fast builds, superior developer experiences, and incredible functionality. Maximize efficiency with our innovative low-code solutions. Build solutions for everything from patient management, to information sharing, resource allocation, and outcome monitoring. With Budibase, you can create custom healthcare tools in as little as five minutes.

"Those same apps, with Budibase, are now here in less than an hour. Colleagues were stunned by the data import functionality, seeing a spreadsheet turn into a web app in minutes was the cherry on top."

Davide Lenzarini, IT manager

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Digitalizing healthcare workflows

Healthcare providers have some of the most complex workflows of any industry. Efficient and robust processes are critical. Digitalizing healthcare workflows leads to better patient outcomes, more effective resourcing, and improved oversight.

Streamline processes

Automate workflows, improve information sharing, and reduce treatment times. Budibase is built to optimize processes, for superior patient experiences.

Improve oversight

Improve oversight and maximize accountability within your organization. Track and analyze patient outcomes, resource usage, and more with our low-code platform.

Protect patient data

Healthcare providers handle incredibly sensitive data. Security is a key risk factor. Choose Budibase for leading security, optional self-hosting, and custom RBAC.

Centralize resources

Effective healthcare is built on communication and information sharing. Build healthcare resources and tools that your team can access anywhere, from any device.

Introducing Budibase, an open-source low-code platform

Budibase is the fast and cost-effective way to build custom healthcare management solutions. With our intuitive platform, you can build fully custom tools, with minimal coding skills.

Complete customization

Build fully custom healthcare software, in under five minutes.

Mobile-friendly apps

Budibase tools work perfectly on all kinds of devices.


Choose self-hosting or our Budibase Cloud platform.

Public & private screens

Grant access to users, based on seniority, job title, location, and more.

Self-hosting and cloud deployments

With Budibase, you have complete control over how you deploy and host your custom tools. Choose self-hosting or Budibase Cloud for your custom healthcare solutions. Deploy to your own infrastructure, using Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Compose, Digital Ocean, and more. Our low-code platform is the ideal way to build internal tools, web applications, and mobile apps.

Workflow automation for healthcare

Maximize efficiency by automating key admin tasks. Reduce operating costs, while freeing up more time to spend with patients. Workflow automation is crucial for modern healthcare providers. Use any in-app action to trigger Budibase’s library of built-in automations. Build custom automations using JavaScript, handlebars expressions, formula variables, conditional UIs, and third-party integrations.

External data support

Budibase offers unrivaled support for existing datasets. Connect to external data, using MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, Airtable, CouchDB, MongoDB, S3, Oracle, RestAPI, and more. Choose our built-in BudibaseDB, and centralize spreadsheet data in seconds.Manipulate, manage, and leverage data from a wide variety of sources. Budibase is the perfect platform for legacy application modernization or building custom tools from scratch.

Role-based access control

Budibase offers fully customizable RBAC. Grant permissions to users based on their role, department, seniority, location, or any other attributes. Assign different app screens to any permission tier, at the press of a button. Maximize security and usability, by giving users access to the exact features and data they need. Major organizations around the world trust Budibase to keep their mission-critical data safe. With optional self-hosting and custom RBAC, we empower users to implement the perfect security standards for their needs.

Healthcare that perfectly integrate and improve operations

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Build custom healthcare tools in 4 steps


1. Connect your data

Build your app around existing datasets or use our built-in database.


2. Create beautiful screens

Use our simple design tools to create professional apps in minutes.


3. Build automations

Set custom automation rules, in just a few clicks.


4. Deploy and scale

Self-host or use our Budibase Cloud platform to deploy your apps.

Powerful low-code features

Enjoy unparalleled development times, without compromising on functionality. Budibase is the fast, cost-effective choice for custom healthcare software development.

Multi-screen apps

Build navigable, multi-screen apps, in minutes.


Give different users access to the exact data and features they need.


Create powerful conditional UIs, in seconds.

Low-code design

Our platform is built on a range of intuitive, low-code design tools.

Accessible components

Budibase app components are fully tested for key accessibility standards.

Responsive apps

Budibase tools work seamlessly on desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.

Automated workflows

Automate healthcare management workflows, for maximum efficiency.

Free SSO

Enjoy single sign-on across all of your Budibase tools.

Deploy your apps

Deploy your apps via Kubernetes, Docker, Digital Ocean. Or choose the Budibase Cloud and let Budibase manage everything for you.

Customizable healthcare software templates

We’re on a mission to build the world’s largest ecosystem of open-source tools. Check out our range of customizable templates for healthcare and hospital digitalization.


Here’s everything you need to know about using our low-code platform for custom healthcare software development.

What is healthcare workflow automation?

Workflow automation means using digital tools to eliminate manual admin tasks. For healthcare providers, this includes patient management, billing, resource allocation, communications, and more. The goal is to create the most efficient processes possible. Automation allows healthcare providers to cut operating costs, and redirect resources towards patient care.

Why use low-code tools for digitalizing healthcare?

Low-code platforms, like Budibase, are changing software development, forever. Our innovative platform cuts lead times to a fraction of traditional development. Say goodbye to lengthy and expensive custom builds. With Budibase, you can build fully deployable solutions, in minutes. Organizations around the world choose our low-code platform for superior development experiences and ROI, without compromising on functionality or security.

Can I self-host Budibase tools?

At Budibase, we empower our users to deploy their tools, however they like, wherever they like. Self-host your Budibase apps, using Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Compose, Digital Ocean, and more. We also offer our own cloud-based hosting platform.

Are Budibase tools secure?

Budibase is the smart way to keep patient records and other health data secure. We offer optional self-hosting, custom RBAC, and a range of authentication standards. Our users have complete control over the security standards they implement for their tools. We also offer a range of premium support options and SLAs for large organizations. Check out our pricing page for more information.

What kind of tools can I build with Budibase?

Our leading low-code platform offers unrivaled flexibility, functionality, and customization. Our users choose Budibase to manage all kinds of workflows. With advanced automation, data visualization, and external data support, Budibase is the perfect solution for countless applications. Build patient management tools, centralize resources, and automate workflows, in minutes.

How quickly can I build an app?

With Budibase, custom healthcare software development takes as little as five minutes. We offer autogenerated screens, intuitive design tools, and a vast library of built-in automations. Building custom tools has never been easier. Check out our range of free app templates for inspiration..

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